Babelfish skip silently 1 function

I want to parse some UAST to identify functions.
Babelfish skip silently some function when arguments are declared in “old fashion” way

Here is the content of java source file

public class ConditionalStatement {
   // public void onRequest(int code) {    // OK
   //public void onRequest(int code, String[] permissions ) {     // OK
   public void onRequest(int code, String permissions[] ) {       // NOK

And here is my code to parse it:

import bblfsh

def main():
    client = bblfsh.BblfshClient("")
    ctx = client.parse('')
    for unode in ctx.filter("//uast:Function"):
        func_node = unode.get()
if __name__ == '__main__':

Bug or feature?

@mesnardo I tested the snippet, it’s definitely a bug in our transformations. The function declaration is still there, but it’s not converted to the UAST type properly. Opened an issue for it. Thanks for reporting it!