An analysis of the Cloud Foundry project with source{d} EE

Earlier this year, we released an analysis of the Cloud Foundry codebase. The analysis leveraged source{d} Community Edition (previously known as source{d} Engine) to analyze all Cloud Foundry Foundation’s git repositories through SQL queries. Back then, we decided to use source{d} CE so that everyone could easily reproduce it.

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Starting as early as 2015, the number of commits to the Cloud Foundry Cloud Controller repository shows a consistent commitment to the portability of Cloud Foundry workloads across various public and private clouds.

Just wanted to clarify that the Cloud Controller component does not have a whole lot to do with IaaS portability (that’s more in the wheelhouse of the CF BOSH project). It is the primary API for the Cloud Foundry platform so development activity on it is indicative of new developer workflows, platform features, etc.

Thanks a lot for the feedback @downey. We’ll update the blog post accordingly.